Corporate Profile

Founded in 2004 as XJET Limited the company was rebranded as OrientSKYs in 2007 to better reflect its focus on distinctly Asian levels of customer service and personalized attention to detail. OrientSKYs is an independent private jet company whose principal business is to facilitate private jet and helicopter transactions for our clients. Our regional expertise combined with our partnership with Global Jet Sales in the United States ensures that our clients will be able to draw from a world-wide reach when buying or selling these mobile assets.


A Message from our CEO

“Aircraft transactions are tremendously complex with a veritable plethora of facets and potential pit-falls before they result in a successful conclusion. As an independent family-owned and operated organization, OrientSKYs takes the utmost pride in our philosophy that through diligence and acumen if we have made this often challenging process look surprisingly efficient, smooth and easy to our clients, then we have continued to do our job…and earned another loyal customer in the process.”

-Trevor Merszei